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  Million Calorie Movie  

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  Million Calorie March - The Movie

How far would you go for a cause you believed in?

How about 1200 miles, 12 states, 150 pounds and 26 pairs of sneakers…

MILLION CALORIE MARCH picks up where "Supersize Me" left off - educating and inspiring the public on America's obesity epidemic while exploring such issues as portion sizes, the weight loss industry, child obesity, food addiction, depression, Sleep Apnea, relapse, the links with alcoholism and much, much more. But this film is more of a personal journey…

MILLION CALORIE MARCH follows the journey of 397 pound Gary Marino, a 38 year old recovering food addict whose 150 lb weight loss inspires him to launch a national walk for obesity and become a healthy activist for change. Marino uses his colorful 1200 mile Florida to Boston "March" to raise funds to fight childhood obesity and to encourage the American public to "laugh at the insanity of the weight loss industry, look in the mirror, get serious, and dig deep to fix ourselves". People Magazine called Marino an "anti-fat crusader". Scores of media followed his trek along the eastern seaboard. The walking campaign eventually reached an estimated 70 million people thanks to featured stories in USA Today, on FOX News and ABC's "Live With Regis & Kelly".

MILLION CALORIE MARCH takes audiences on the road with Marino and his team in a country that is 65% overweight and 31% obese. Through flashbacks to Marino's childhood, viewers will see the influences that lead to obesity and the battle to overcome food addiction. They will witness what it's like to lose nearly 150 pounds the old-fashioned way - and lead a one-man crusade to help battle obesity.

MILLION CALORIE MARCH combines an strong undercurrent of humor with education, inspiration and personal journey to create what may be one of the most powerful and in depth "before and after" success stories ever captured on tape.

Post-production is underway on the 90-minute film, much of which is adapted from Marino's book "Big & Tall Chronicles: MisAdventures of a Life Long Food Addict" and features commentary by Dr. Howard Rankin, author of "Inspired To Lose".

Interspersed with documentary footage will be scenes recreated from Marino's youth that illustrate the path of food addiction that led to his morbid obesity and became the catalyst for his turnaround.

Studio G Motion Pictures, with producers Todd Patkin and Gary Marino, in association with Generation Excel, have lined up an impressive battalion of talent, including screenwriter Sandy Jaffe, film consultant David Kleiler and director Jimmy Jay Freidan. Grammy-nominated artist Jon Butcher (Jon Butcher Axis, Barefoot Servants) has signed on as Music Supervisor. In addition to new songs by Butcher, the soundtrack will also feature tracks by Boston artists Catunes and the Swinging Steaks. Post-production is being handled by Pulse Media and National Boston.



Gary Marino with President Bill Clinton in 2006

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Gary's interview
with Neil Cavuto
on FOX News

Gary backstage following his appearance on "Live With Regis & Kelly"
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