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In 2006 Generation Excel founder Gary Marino (ABC's Regis & Kelly, FOX News) and nationally known psychologist and wellness specialist Dr. Howard Rankin (ABC's 20/20 and The View") began a partnership known as "The Shrink and The Shrunk". The duo began speaking and making appearances at health fairs and wellness shows and teaming up on 2008's Million Step March Tour for Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Carolina. Both under a development deal at the time with the Diet in Manhattan, the pair recorded a radio pilot for the website known as what else… "The Shrink and The Shrunk!
Listen to the pilot here….
Radio segments include:
  • Results Not Typical! - Callers are invited to call Gary & Dr. Howard and share their experiences with the latest diet products and services.
  • I've relapsed and I can't get up! - War stories segment. Via callers and e-mails, Gary and Dr. Howard dispel advice on how to get back on track - and stay on track to achieve real results.
  • Food 4 Thought - Gary & Dr. Howard each read a selected news story concerning the latest research & studies and debate in a colorful "Point / Counterpoint" format
  • Healthy Bodies = Healthy Business - Corporate America weighs in about their unhealthy workplaces and how they can break the habits of people causing workplaces to be "perverse" atmospheres.
  • Do the Right Thing - Gary & Howard commentary. Another "Point / Counter Point" segment by Gary and Dr. Howard - concerning people and their approaches to getting healthy.


Gary Marino with President Bill Clinton in 2006

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Gary's interview
with Neil Cavuto
on FOX News

Gary backstage following his appearance on "Live With Regis & Kelly"
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