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Talk about Déjà Vu. 4 years ago this month we were creating Generation Excel and I was preparing to leave for our kickoff event - a daunting 3 1/2 month, 1200 mile walk of the eastern seaboard.

That was April 2004, and when it was finally over we settled in for the long haul - creating dozens of awareness events, weight loss campaigns, a documentary film and awarding grants to various programs in the community.

Well, four years later- at the request of the visionaries at Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Carolina - I'm leaving for yet another walk this April, this time to inspire people to build 30 minutes or more of exercise into their day no matter what their weight. So it's déjà vu again - however, it's different this time vs. 2004. We're not alone these days. Corporate America recognizes the value in our mission and has partnered with us on many, many occasions since 2004. Those daring and crazy days living out of a low budget RV and asking for pledges from the general public seem like forever ago now. Movies have been made. Books have been written. Children have been born (Our son Desi James will celebrate his 2nd birthday in North Carolina this Summer!).

Finally, and most importantly, the obesity issue is on the forefront of the media and public consciousness these days. The goal of The Million Step March is to continue to do what we set out to do the last time we undertook a walk of this type. To inspire you. To engage you. To motivate you. And to remind you that staying in the fight is an important part of an unfinished struggle…See you on the road!



Gary Marino with President Bill Clinton in 2006

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