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Message from the Producer:
In the Spring of 2005, as executive producer Todd Patkin and I were putting all of the elements in place to begin work on "Million Calorie March: The Movie", I sat in my office thinking about the music soundtrack. Music had been an important part of my life. In the 80's it had been as a drummer for a variety of bands and recording projects. From 1987 until 1992 I'd worked in radio (KISS 108FM and WWEA-AM), and from 1993 until 2003 I had run my own production company, (Harmon-Marino Entertainment) working with some of Boston's greatest undiscovered musical talents. I wanted the soundtrack for the documentary / docudrama we were working on to be like the movie itself - eye opening, inspiring, motivating and entertaining.

I made a wish list that day in my office of Boston area artists I would love to provide songs and scores for the movie. It was important to me that the film showcases our amazing, homegrown talents who by all rights - in my opinion - should be major stars in the music world.

One person on my list had even gone on to make quite a name for himself, first as a recording artist and eventually scoring TV and films. Jon Butcher, who I'd been a fan of growing up and who had gone on to be a Grammy Nominated recording artist was the first to sign on for "Million Calorie March". Within 2 months I found myself with Jon Butcher at Barefoot Sound Studios in Los Angeles like a kid in a candy store picking songs and scores for the film. Next up were Mark Morris and Catunes and the Swinging Steaks (featuring Tim Giovanniello) who I'd had the pleasure working with during my Harmon-Marino days. Eventually other artists, including Michael Hill, Greg Lutrell and Tony Hall contributed songs to scenes as well.

Of course, the pressure to make the actual film as good as the soundtrack was immense! By the time the music was in place at the end of 2006 it was so darn good I was convinced that our low budget, independent film would have a big, "Hollywood" quality sound. And you know what? I was right!

When the film premiered in late 2007 and early 2008 - it was the thing everybody gravitated to and wanted a copy of. People of all ages, backgrounds, even non-musical types with "ears of stone" mentioned how inspiring they found the film's music. I truly enjoyed putting the soundtrack together and remain very proud of the all the music for "Million Calorie March". I hope that as TV and home DVD distribution falls into place the world will be inspired once again by these talented and gifted musicians. What's more - I'm proud to call all of the artists, songwriters and musicians who appear my friends. Please check out their individual websites and support their music!

All the best -
Gary Marino

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